Coachella 2015

This year, a long-held dream came true: We made it to the Coachella Festival in Coachella Valley. Finally!

It was great to witness the vibe of the people and those wonderful music acts. Of course, all commerce comes first at Coachella, but if you’re already grown up, you’re not distracted by that as you can enjoy an unique festival! Musicians like Tycho, Florence And The Machine, St. Lucia and many more devastated us. The hole schmear is fabulous, I’m sure, something like that, with all those Food Trucks, you cannot mount here in Germany – especially because of all the restrictions.

This was a once in a lifetime experience, and we recommend it to anyone!

Coachella 2015 Tycho – Awake & Coastal Brake from Clean Eats on Vimeo.

Posted by Juliane Schmidt

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