One week in Paris

Paris view

Paris, je t’aime!

Where else can you find such beautiful architecture (ok, in Rome, of course…), unbelievable fashion and tasty food? I confess, all that seems to be born in Paris.

Walks through the city (on average 15km per day we were walking), a sun bath on a park bench or a visit (or some more) at  “Angelina” just were amazing. Even dining in fancy restaurants was absolutely worth it. After a few days we felt happy and contented in Paris – almost home because of our own 2 bedroom apartment.

There’s a lot to explore architecturally. Most beautiful view from Basilique du Sacré Cœur or the Tour Montparnasse, most impressive example of architecture was the Grande Arche de La Defense, the most building was Cathédrale Notre Dame. But of course, you only spot the most amazing houses in little alleys, not in your travel guide =)

For shopping I can recommend little boutiques you can explore while walking around, for bigger shopping centers with designer labels the best two were “Le bon Marché” and “Printemps” – don’t go into the Galeries Lafayette, no matter which time or day of the week, it’s always hopelessly overcrowded and you don’t have any fun looking around.

But there’s one thing really made me sad: The Parisian people treating you like shot when you’re starting to speak English. I could say the most things in French and even understand the most, but had some trouble with vocabulary so I had to speak english from time to time. From this moment people were high-hatting or didn’t served me at all, just went away. French is the most beautiful language, but I guess the illiberality of the old colonials is long gone.

So: Go to Paris to marvel at the sights and enjoy the city and yourself! But keep in mind to learn French first to communicate with people there.

Posted by Juliane Schmidt

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