Working for free

Recently I’ve written about the problem with interns in Germany. Today I would like to discuss another problem regarding to Freelancers. A few companies and individuals advertising projects for Freelancers – goody. But what’s the reason that a lot of these projects should be done for free? And which quality is expected then? Freelancer does not mean “for free”.

We are Freelancers because we love the variety of projects and customers, we can unfold our creativity. Nobody does that to collect references – if the quality of our work is good these will come immediately. I don’t understand working for free if I’m not even go around with the principal. Certainly, smaller companies and private individuals have a tight budget, but no Freelancer will reject a deeply interesting project on the cheap.

We’re living in a free market economy so you’ll get a product or service for your money – that’s for sure. Nobody will go into an apparel store either and say “I would like to have this T-Shirt. Nevertheless I’m not willing to pay for it”. The world does not function that way… So I’m calling you: Please stop advertising projects for free and draw up a budget – nobody wants to work for free!

Posted by Juliane Schmidt

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