Standing up

I like people – all kind of people. Men, women, old, young, doesn’t matter, just everyone. Since I’m a mother of a now 1 year old little boy, I definitely appreciate things I have and I’m able to do. To have food. To be free. To be healthy. To be loved. And to be happy. And I know that there are so many people on earth who don’t have that and fight for daily survival. I would love to help all of those people, give them food, something to dress, medicine, everything they need. I can do my bit. But as I seen recently, there’s a lot more to do. It’s not just about food, clothes, medicine.

There are people who have all this, food, health, a home and something to dress. But for some mysterious reason, they don’t feel lucky and are not satisfied. They hate other people, because they have other skin color, other religion, are homosexual, live other lives. They seem to think those people endanger what they have and might disseise them their belongings. They demonstrate against them and arm theirselves to be protected.

When I’ve seen a documentary about the recent events in Charlottesville, I cried and felt helpless. I’m so baffled what to do with these people and their nationalist ideas. Where does all this hate come from? A man in the documentary was interviewed, a right wing extremist. I won’t name him or his fascist organization, not worth to name them and see them pleased their names are in my Blogpost. The thoughts he vented really scared me. The hate and violence in his eyes scared me. And when he showed his firearms and knives it scared me to the core. What this man is capable of! I can’t forget my pure fear the moment I saw that.

There was a woman Charlottesville, Heather Heyer, who was the same age as me. She died. Just because a 20-year-old man was so stuck in all his hate for other people. This woman stood up and said NO! to all those Nazis. She did the right thing, and so do I. I stand up and say No! to all of you with (radical) right-wing ideas and thoughts. I’m German and aware of what happened in this country once. I’m aware of that every day. And because of that, I can say: Stand up and do something! Don’t let antisemitic thoughts come to anyone’s mind and antisemitic motivated actions happen. All people are equal, no matter what race, health or state of mind.

It’s a shame the US has a president like Donald Trump. He’s a dumb person with dumb opinions. And what I really ask myself is: Why are you Americans don’t stand up NOW and take action? He makes a mess of politics, confuses the whole world and is in no way a man who should be in a powerful position. He might have money. So just let him travel the world on a Yacht, playing Golf and eat caviar, but don’t let him be president! The whole country could stand up – but you don’t do that. Posting stuff on Facebook isn’t the way he will be deposed from being president. Go and take to the street, demonstrate for your country, go demonstrate, protest and show the world what you think of him! Go out there and do the right thing.

My Blog isn’t one with political statements. I never wrote something like this before. But, as I see now, not to say anything and not to stand up is just like agreeing with what happens. I don’t agree! I don’t want to see people get hurt, no matter where, in Germany, the US or other countries. I’m standing up saying something against those things happening right now.

Posted by Juliane Schmidt

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