focus_hand-juliane_schmidtYou haven’t read anything on my blog for so long – and now only this short text. There were so many things to do! And that’s exactly why I’d like you to remind of something: You decide what’s really important. Nobody else, you’re the responsible one who decides what distracts you and what you’re using your time for. Besides my family, I always choose working on different projects and meeting new people, that’s what makes me happy.

All freelancers do have the same problem from time to time: to work on projects fully concentrated. We can easily be distracted and waste time for unimportant stuff. Even I don’t have the answer how to do that better, I just guess, reminding yourself as often as possible why you’re doing what you’re doing is the key not to lose your focus.

Only think about work as your everyday life: Only the focus on the important things in life counts. Find your focus! And if you already found it, don’t lose it – and stay focused.

Posted by Juliane Schmidt

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