Crowdfunding: Food Truck “Clean Eats”

Clean Eats Strawberries

Dear ones, today I’m here for my own promotional purpose. I’m starting a new project named “Clean Eats”. This is a food truck you can visit while lunch breaks near the offices of central Berlin.

Due to not always eating healthy or good ingredients in your lunch breaks, you’re often tired, bloated and there’s a lack of motivation. I’d like to counteract! It’s not about vegan or vegetarian food when it comes to my concept; it’s about good ingredients and a balanced nutrition which is good for you and doesn’t stress your body.

To be able to put my idea into practice I really need your help. At the crowdfunding platform Startnext you can help getting me started with my food truck. There are many thank-you gifts you’ll receive when supporting me, such as little recipe books. Before the funding starts, I need 100 Fans. So please support my project and become a Fan, I’m happy to see you all at my food truck soon!

If you need further information you can find the Clean Eats website here (currently available in German only).

Posted by Juliane Schmidt

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