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Everybody is talking about content strategies and content marketing but only the fewest know about it. Why are those strategies important? And how to approach generating own content? In this article I try to make it clear.

Content as a big online topic which exists since the rise of the. Because is was fast growing and there was a need of content in a short period, the appearance of search engines and the motto „the cheaper the better“, contents have greatly suffered. Today, it’s more important than ever to provide relevant contents so users and customers do receive added value.

Building content needs one thing above all: time. Head over heels in rivalry with others isn’t a good way, so extend your content bit by bit. Product descriptions don’t need to be complete when launching, just insert them gradually. Google loves the gradual development of your website. So better go for valuable texts than unthoughtful phrases! And don’t forget to specify your content before designing your website. Otherwise you could be disappointed in the end if there’s not enough space for all your contents.

When planning and conceptualizing your content strategy the analysis of all sites comes first. Spot where you provide added value for your customers. Some indicators may be your Google Analytics data. You can see where users spend most of the time and what they search for. If they spend more time on a specific site make sure it’s good content which keeps them linger – otherwise it could be the missing content. Be eager to look critical at your own site or assign third parties, sometimes they can give an objective angle.

I often see weaknesses in content strategies of companies. A short summary and assessment of existing content could avoid most mistakes. Setting procedures, appropriate people and the structure of your content are crucial to match up. Admittedly, this is a lot of work, but it will we worthwhile over time.

Error occur, undoubtedly. Defining people who are responsible for different areas of contents could prevent those errors. Good Planning and people doing quality assurance are some more aspects of great content management. But beware of too many processes! Rules for release, tests and too many analysis damp the spirit of every good copywriter. So keep in mind to let ideas flow.

Sharing your knowledge is the name of the game! Don’t keep things private. Even small events and successes could be relevant for your community. Content isn’t all about copies and texts, it’s about pictures, videos and graphics, too. A coherent assembly is the base of your content marketing. Development of different topics, the adaption for social media and even SEO loom large. If you’re posting pictures without comments you’ll see people leaving. Try to keep it short and simple! Timelines today are overstuffed and fast moving – you only have seconds to win.

When it comes to copy writing it’s necessary to fix your style. Copywriters in-house as well as freelancers should be involved to offer varied points of view. But be discerningly with your own staff and question their skills. Not everyone is able to provide good content! You can learn a lot by projecting the thoughts of your customers; what would you be interested in?

In matter of content strategy and content marketing these are only some facts when it comes to associative websites. Provide added value! Good content needs a lot of work, but it will be worth the effort!

Posted by Juliane Schmidt

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