Standing up

I like people – all kind of people. Men, women, old, young, doesn’t matter, just everyone. Since I’m a mother of a now 1 year old little boy, I definitely appreciate things I have and I’m able to do. To have food. To be free. To be healthy. To be loved. And to be happy. And I know that there are so many people on earth who don’t have that and fight for daily survival. I would love to help all of those people, give them food, something to dress, medicine, everything they need. I can do my bit. But as I seen recently, there’s a lot more to do. It’s not just about food, clothes, medicine.

There are people who have all this, food, health, a home and something to dress. But for some mysterious reason, they don’t feel lucky and are not satisfied. They hate other people, because they have other skin color, other religion, are homosexual, live other lives. They seem to think those people endanger what they have and might disseise them their belongings. They demonstrate against them and arm theirselves to be protected.

When I’ve seen a documentary about the recent events in Charlottesville, I cried and felt helpless. I’m so baffled what to do with these people and their nationalist ideas. Where does all this hate come from? A man in the documentary was interviewed, a right wing extremist. I won’t name him or his fascist organization, not worth to name them and see them pleased their names are in my Blogpost. The thoughts he vented really scared me. The hate and violence in his eyes scared me. And when he showed his firearms and knives it scared me to the core. What this man is capable of! I can’t forget my pure fear the moment I saw that.

There was a woman Charlottesville, Heather Heyer, who was the same age as me. She died. Just because a 20-year-old man was so stuck in all his hate for other people. This woman stood up and said NO! to all those Nazis. She did the right thing, and so do I. I stand up and say No! to all of you with (radical) right-wing ideas and thoughts. I’m German and aware of what happened in this country once. I’m aware of that every day. And because of that, I can say: Stand up and do something! Don’t let antisemitic thoughts come to anyone’s mind and antisemitic motivated actions happen. All people are equal, no matter what race, health or state of mind.

It’s a shame the US has a president like Donald Trump. He’s a dumb person with dumb opinions. And what I really ask myself is: Why are you Americans don’t stand up NOW and take action? He makes a mess of politics, confuses the whole world and is in no way a man who should be in a powerful position. He might have money. So just let him travel the world on a Yacht, playing Golf and eat caviar, but don’t let him be president! The whole country could stand up – but you don’t do that. Posting stuff on Facebook isn’t the way he will be deposed from being president. Go and take to the street, demonstrate for your country, go demonstrate, protest and show the world what you think of him! Go out there and do the right thing.

My Blog isn’t one with political statements. I never wrote something like this before. But, as I see now, not to say anything and not to stand up is just like agreeing with what happens. I don’t agree! I don’t want to see people get hurt, no matter where, in Germany, the US or other countries. I’m standing up saying something against those things happening right now.

Short Trip to New York City

New York is always worth a journey! We decided to fly to NYC for one week last-minute. Just one week, but we wanted to go to the Stevie Wonder concert in Madison Square Garden. We wanted to see him live for a while, so this was our chance!

Besides visiting  Top of the Rock of Rockefeller Centers we had the chance to stand on top of the One World Observatory inside the new One World Trade Center. Both views are amazing, but on One World Observatory you become very emotional as there’re two shows, in the elevator and on top, which show you the progress of New York City. Great experience!

This time remade it to Guggenheim Museum, where Christine Baranski crossed our path. After that we had a long walk through Central Park, which was white nice even it was cold and windy.

Our last evening was reserved for Stevie Wonder who had his concert in Madison Square Garden. After all, we came to New York because of him! The concert was incredible, more than 4 hours he was singing and entertaining with lots of other artists. Impressive! It was worth all the effort coming to New York, especially for seeing him sining!
Love you, New York City!

Stop in San Francisco

San Francisco, Second. We wanted to give this city another chance as we haven’t been keen on it 2 years ago. Unfortunately, we have to say, probably there won’t be a third chance…

Yes, we’re in the city of hippies, yes, everybody is a freethinker, yes, yes, yes. But how bad the city really is reveals the night. If you’re a tourist only looking at those sights, you won’t realize it. But we like to go off-sights as well ans just been shocked. So much poverty, so many homeless people, so much garbage and filth. The nice Silicon Valley seems to belch out all people who can’t keep the pace – and those you see here.

San Francisco is a beautiful city, for sure, but we didn’t felt comfortable this time as well as also the weather wasn’t that warm. As Mark Twain once said: “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.”

In Paradise: Maui

After the Coachella weekend we flown into real paradise: Maui.

We hiked, drove up the hill on narrow streets around the island, ate delicious hawaiian food and marveled at sunsets. In short, it was perfect. We’D loved to stay forever… 2 years ago we’ve visited Oahu and Big Island and fell in love with the hawaiian islands, but Maui was a full new experience, inenarrable and beautiful. We’d like to recommend our amazing lodging, which was no Hotel but a little cottage in a green oasis: The Ginger Suite at the “The Ilikahi” in Lahaina.

We had difficulties leaving the island again – I guess you’ll relive by looking at some of our pictures =)

Coachella 2015

This year, a long-held dream came true: We made it to the Coachella Festival in Coachella Valley. Finally!

It was great to witness the vibe of the people and those wonderful music acts. Of course, all commerce comes first at Coachella, but if you’re already grown up, you’re not distracted by that as you can enjoy an unique festival! Musicians like Tycho, Florence And The Machine, St. Lucia and many more devastated us. The hole schmear is fabulous, I’m sure, something like that, with all those Food Trucks, you cannot mount here in Germany – especially because of all the restrictions.

This was a once in a lifetime experience, and we recommend it to anyone!

Coachella 2015 Tycho – Awake & Coastal Brake from Clean Eats on Vimeo.

Sunny days in Los Angeles

A couple of days in Los Angeles are always a good idea, especially in April =)

That’s why I had to travel there again. A bit of sightseeing, checking out the marketing sector and relaxing. This time, we sojourned in Pasadena, very calm and eased. LA is always good to fill up positive energy and gather new strength. Several jaunts to Food Trucks and the Farmers Market weren’t in scope of my Crowdfunding project Clean Eats. We made it to a Lakers game this time as well – what an atmosphere!

As I’d like to keep those travel experienced briefly, I’m at the end of this article. I’ve uploaded some pictures, enjoy!

Crowdfunding: Food Truck “Clean Eats”

Clean Eats Strawberries

Dear ones, today I’m here for my own promotional purpose. I’m starting a new project named “Clean Eats”. This is a food truck you can visit while lunch breaks near the offices of central Berlin.

Due to not always eating healthy or good ingredients in your lunch breaks, you’re often tired, bloated and there’s a lack of motivation. I’d like to counteract! It’s not about vegan or vegetarian food when it comes to my concept; it’s about good ingredients and a balanced nutrition which is good for you and doesn’t stress your body.

To be able to put my idea into practice I really need your help. At the crowdfunding platform Startnext you can help getting me started with my food truck. There are many thank-you gifts you’ll receive when supporting me, such as little recipe books. Before the funding starts, I need 100 Fans. So please support my project and become a Fan, I’m happy to see you all at my food truck soon!

If you need further information you can find the Clean Eats website here (currently available in German only).

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year 2015 to all of you!

For myself, the year 2014 ended with the loss of two of the most wonderful people in my family. I still can’t believe it and like to thank everybody for the sympathy and kind words.

With lots of work on my mind, I’m totally excited what the new year holds for me. I hope there will be many interesting projects and cool clients. But I’d be happy if more clients deliver the required data in time and the behavior in terms of payments would improve. I hope that’s a realizable wish!

With this in mind, let’s get the new year started!

Content Marketing and Content Strategies


Everybody is talking about content strategies and content marketing but only the fewest know about it. Why are those strategies important? And how to approach generating own content? In this article I try to make it clear.

Content as a big online topic which exists since the rise of the. Because is was fast growing and there was a need of content in a short period, the appearance of search engines and the motto „the cheaper the better“, contents have greatly suffered. Today, it’s more important than ever to provide relevant contents so users and customers do receive added value.

Building content needs one thing above all: time. Head over heels in rivalry with others isn’t a good way, so extend your content bit by bit. Product descriptions don’t need to be complete when launching, just insert them gradually. Google loves the gradual development of your website. So better go for valuable texts than unthoughtful phrases! And don’t forget to specify your content before designing your website. Otherwise you could be disappointed in the end if there’s not enough space for all your contents.

When planning and conceptualizing your content strategy the analysis of all sites comes first. Spot where you provide added value for your customers. Some indicators may be your Google Analytics data. You can see where users spend most of the time and what they search for. If they spend more time on a specific site make sure it’s good content which keeps them linger – otherwise it could be the missing content. Be eager to look critical at your own site or assign third parties, sometimes they can give an objective angle.

I often see weaknesses in content strategies of companies. A short summary and assessment of existing content could avoid most mistakes. Setting procedures, appropriate people and the structure of your content are crucial to match up. Admittedly, this is a lot of work, but it will we worthwhile over time.

Error occur, undoubtedly. Defining people who are responsible for different areas of contents could prevent those errors. Good Planning and people doing quality assurance are some more aspects of great content management. But beware of too many processes! Rules for release, tests and too many analysis damp the spirit of every good copywriter. So keep in mind to let ideas flow.

Sharing your knowledge is the name of the game! Don’t keep things private. Even small events and successes could be relevant for your community. Content isn’t all about copies and texts, it’s about pictures, videos and graphics, too. A coherent assembly is the base of your content marketing. Development of different topics, the adaption for social media and even SEO loom large. If you’re posting pictures without comments you’ll see people leaving. Try to keep it short and simple! Timelines today are overstuffed and fast moving – you only have seconds to win.

When it comes to copy writing it’s necessary to fix your style. Copywriters in-house as well as freelancers should be involved to offer varied points of view. But be discerningly with your own staff and question their skills. Not everyone is able to provide good content! You can learn a lot by projecting the thoughts of your customers; what would you be interested in?

In matter of content strategy and content marketing these are only some facts when it comes to associative websites. Provide added value! Good content needs a lot of work, but it will be worth the effort!


focus_hand-juliane_schmidtYou haven’t read anything on my blog for so long – and now only this short text. There were so many things to do! And that’s exactly why I’d like you to remind of something: You decide what’s really important. Nobody else, you’re the responsible one who decides what distracts you and what you’re using your time for. Besides my family, I always choose working on different projects and meeting new people, that’s what makes me happy.

All freelancers do have the same problem from time to time: to work on projects fully concentrated. We can easily be distracted and waste time for unimportant stuff. Even I don’t have the answer how to do that better, I just guess, reminding yourself as often as possible why you’re doing what you’re doing is the key not to lose your focus.

Only think about work as your everyday life: Only the focus on the important things in life counts. Find your focus! And if you already found it, don’t lose it – and stay focused.